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The body is a complex thing and this is to provide our current and potential clients with some of the information necessary to educate themselves about the injuries already diagnosed by treating physicians - Important Note - Our site does not intend to offer you medical advice, only information. We are lawyers not doctors. As your lawyers, we believe it is important to know the medical side of your case and anatomy of your injuries to effectively represent you in your Fresno Personal Injury Case. We gladly defer to your medical professional in this regard and they are always your first and best source for medical information.
Back Fracture Injuries & Spinal Anatomy
Most back fractures result from some sort of trauma, usually from a car accident or falling. The reason the numbers may sound lower than you are might expect is because many back fractures are not as serious as the ominous sounding "back fracture" would suggest. When I had just become a lawyer, I went snowboarding with a good friend of mine, who was a skier. I was trying to keep up with him and his brother in law and I hit a patch of ice and the front of my board was caught on the ice, causing me to fall forward onto my chest going at least 30 mph. A chiropractor worked on me for a while but I made no progress. I went to an orthopedic doctor and a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor, who ordered x-rays and an MRI. About one week later, I was diagnosed with a compression fracture, which explained the constant pain. It still affects me today, mostly in the morning.
Compression Fracture - TRYK Law in Fresno CA

Not surprisingly, seniors are more prone to back fractures. More surprising: men are 3 to 5 times more likely to suffer a back fracture.

f course, there are some back fractures that are incredibly serious that cause spinal cord or nerve damage. For these injuries, usually surgery is required. To be sure, the average car accident settlement or verdict for this type of back fracture is substantially higher.

The same holds true for other back injuries, most notably herniated discs. Some herniated disc injuries might look awful on an MRI but the patient has no symptomology. Another may have a slight herniation according to an MRI but suffer life altering pain.

Value of Vertebral Fracture Personal Injury Cases​

A Jury Verdict Research report this month found that over the last ten years, the national median award at trial in personal injury cases for a vertebra fracture is $112,537. Almost two-thirds of the cases in the study were motor vehicle accidents, which is the leading cause of spinal injuries in this country. Not surprisingly, the median award for multiple vertebrae fractures is almost double the single vertebra amount, $207,000.

When I first read this report I assumed the numbers were low because they excluded cases where there was a spinal cord or head injury. But apparently, 7.5% of the verdicts were in excess of $2,500,000, which means they have to include vertebrae fractures where the spinal cord was implicated or there was an accompanying head injury. Because of the proximity of the vertebrae to the spinal column, and because of the weight bearing implications of a vertebrae injury, I assumed this number would be much higher, but there must be more minor fractures to vertebrae without significant injury than I realized.

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