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The body is a complex thing and this page aims to aid our current and potential clients with the information necessary to educate themselves about the injuries already diagnosed by treating physicians - Important Note - Our medical information by no means offers you medical advice. IMPORTANT NOTE - We are lawyers not doctors. We love the study of medicine as it is fascinating. Most importantly, we must know the medical side of your case and anatomy of your injuries to effectively represent you in your California Personal Injury Case. We gladly defer to your medical professional in this regard and they are always your first and best source for medical information.
Facial Scarring & Injury Cases
The majority of our facial scarring cases result from dog bites, dog attacks, motor vehicle injuries, motorcycle accidents that either involved airbag burns, lacerations from broken glass or seat belt burns across the neck of the accident victim. We have also represented individuals who have sustained scarring as a result of burn injuries, either due to exposure to flame or other chemical due to the negligence of various entities or individuals.
Facial Scarring & Injury CasesaFacial Scarring Valuation
The median facial scarring verdicts and settlements according to a consolidated study conducted by California Trial Digest-Verdicts & Settlements, California Jury Verdicts Plus and Personal Injury Jury Verdicts and Settlement Summaries in California are $32,500.00.