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The body is a complex thing and this page aims to aid our current and potential clients with the information necessary to educate themselves about the injuries already diagnosed by treating physicians - Important Note - Our medical information by no means offers you medical advice. IMPORTANT NOTE - We are lawyers not doctors. We love the study of medicine as it is fascinating. Most importantly, we must know the medical side of your case and anatomy of your injuries to effectively represent you in your California Personal Injury Case. We gladly defer to your medical professional in this regard and they are always your first and best source for medical information.
Fractured or Broken Leg Injuries
A broken thighbone (femur) — the strongest bone in your body — usually is obvious because it takes so much force to break. But fractures of your shinbone (tibia) — the major weight-bearing bone in your lower leg — and the bone that runs alongside your tibia below your knee (fibula) may be more subtle.
Signs and symptoms of a broken leg may include:
  • Severe pain, which may worsen with movement;
  • Swelling;
  • Tenderness;
  • Bruising;
  • Obvious Deformity or Shortening of the Affected Leg;
  • Inability to Walk;
  • Common Causes of Leg Fractures & Injury;
There are a number of ways you can break a leg, including:
Falls - Falling can fracture your thighbone (femur) or shinbone (tibia). Children can fracture these bones by falling on the playground, while toddlers can break the tibia or fibula by falling over a toy or falling down the stairs while learning to walk; however, the femur is unlikely to be broken without more significant trauma.

Significant Trauma - All three leg bones can break during a motor vehicle accident. Shinbone fractures often occur when your knees become jammed against the dashboard during a collision.

Sports Injuries - Hyperextending your leg during contact sports can cause a broken leg. So can a direct blow — such as from a hockey stick or an opponent's body — or falling while climbing or biking.

Child Abuse - In children, a broken leg may be the result of child abuse.

- Stress fractures are tiny cracks that develop in the weight-bearing bones of your body, including your tibia. Stress fractures are usually caused by repetitive force or overuse, such as running long distances, jumping, marching or ballet dancing. But they can also occur with normal use of a bone that's been weakened by a condition, such as osteoporosis.
How Leg Fractures Translate into Settlements & Verdict Figures
Nationally, the median compensatory award for leg fractures is $141,847 according to Jury Verdict Research, a research company provides detailed statistics from jury verdicts.

The awards for leg fracture cases vary wildly depending upon the type of accident and the type of leg fracture. For example, for a fibula or tibia fracture, the median recovery is approximately $85,000. Not surprisingly, that number more than doubles to $167,000 for a femur fracture which is a far more significant injury.

It is also worth remembering that the median is different from the average. The average femur fracture verdict is $482,273, which is certainly elevated by one verdict in excess of $4 million. The average tibia or fibula fracture is $265,882, aided by a verdict in excess of $4.5 million.

For multiple leg fracture cases, the mean and median verdicts rise to $596,618 and $192,762, respectively.
Here are a few other median verdicts relating to leg fracture cases:
  • Pedestrian - $125,000
  • Passenger - $ 97,333
  • Truck Accidents - $160,500
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