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The majority of cases our law firm handles are injury cases stemming from auto accidents, truck (Big Rig) accidents and motorcycle accidents in the California Central Valley area. We handle personal injury claims ranging from moderate to severe and catastrophic injuries.
The primary purpose of this website is to provide information to California Personal Injury victims in general, even if our office does not represent you.

For victims and potential clients, our staff will provide the information you really need to help you best understand the process and how to maximize the money you receive as compensation: how California Accident Claims Work, their value, how to choose a lawyer, and the details of California accident law and what that means for you.

Accordingly, if you are a car, motorcycle or truck accident injury victim, we suggest starting at the Personal Injury Victim Center. The first thing personal injury victims and their auto accident lawyers often want to find out is how the value of your auto accident case is calculated, including settlement and verdict data for a California car accident lawsuit or settlement that has similar injuries to yours.
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This site answers many questions in our FRESNO INJURY VICTIM CENTER . The Help Center further provides a full explanation of the meaning and ramifications of important concepts in automobile accident law such as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and medical payments coverage insurance, along with a full glossary of key auto collision or "car accident" insurance terms. Because most people who are not injured in a car wreck do not involve a lawyer in their property damage claims, you can read about property damage issues and claims as well.

Negligent drivers who cause serious personal injury to people injured in a vehicle collision are almost always represented by a lawyer from an insurance company. This lawyer is paid to prevent the injured victim from receiving fair compensation for the injuries the victim has suffered. We know this fact better than most. Benjamin Tryk used to work for insurance companies as a defense attorney. He was voted in as the youngest active partner of the firm before parting ways to pursue representing injury victims instead of insurance companies and corporations. Our staff knows the tricks to expect from defense attorneys and adjusters that are attempted to prevent you from recovering the damages to which you are entitled.

Our Fresno and Central California Car Accident Lawyers and Staff know which punches that these insurance companies will throw at you, we know how to block them and hit back. More importantly, our attorneys know how to overcome these roadblocks these insurance companies throw up and this gives our clients the best chance of receiving the maximum possible recovery during your car accident claim or litigation.

Tryk Law has represented auto accident and personal injury victims for almost every imaginable mishap (and some you could not imagine) in a car accident including: spinal cord injuries, other back injuries, fractures (including ankle, hip and shoulder fractures), herniated discs, brain damage and other head trauma, surgery, rotator cuff tear, paralysis, and other permanent injuries.

Because our practice is focused on motor vehicle cases in California throughout and the California Central Valley area, the bulk of this website is dedicated to helping both injured victims in Fresno, the Central Valley and throughout California. But the majority of the information provided applies auto accidents and truck accidents in any jurisdiction.

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If you have been injured in a motorcycle, truck or car crash in Fresno, California, you should find a lawyer with the skills and ability and take your case to the limit and best maximize your meritorious case in trial or settlement. Before choosing a personal injury attorney, you should look at the credentials of the lawyer, and the firm you hire must feel right to you.

Does the lawyer’s law firm focus on victim's personal injury cases and, specifically, motor vehicle cases? Certainly, the insurance company fighting your car accident injury claim know exactly who the best local and statewide California car accidents lawyers are. Insurance companies factor in the lawyers' history of success at trial in calculating your settlement offer both before and after a lawsuit is filed.

A good, experienced personal injury attorney who focuses on these types of cases can help you to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We believe our staff is solid and we take pride in our work, returning your calls and fighting for you each step of the way.
We encourage you to compare our firm to others before you hire us for your case. We are confident that you will see the difference in our firm when measuring us against others in the community and those that advertise their television commercial campaigns. You will see the difference, we are located in Fresno and easy to find.
If you have been injured in an accident, you may need a lawyer right away to help you with many things, the most important of which is to preserve your case. We fight for the underdog and have for every day of our personal and professional lives. If this sounds like the type of lawyer you want, call us about your personal injury case, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and more.

Call (559) 840-3240 to speak to a Fresno, California accident lawyer experienced in handling car accident claims and litigation or get a free on-line no obligation consultation requesting information or a phone call.