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The body is a complex thing and this page aims to aid our current and potential clients with the information necessary to educate themselves about the injuries already diagnosed by treating physicians - Important Note - Our medical information by no means offers you medical advice. IMPORTANT NOTE - We are lawyers not doctors. We love the study of medicine as it is fascinating. Most importantly, we must know the medical side of your case and anatomy of your injuries to effectively represent you in your California Personal Injury Case. We gladly defer to your medical professional in this regard and they are always your first and best source for medical information.
Wrist - Hand & Finger Injuries - Evaluation & Common Causes
The wrist is made of 10 bones: 8 carpal bones and 2 forearm bones. The carpal bones include the scaphoid, lunate, trapezoid, trapezium, hamate, capitate, triquetrum, and pisiform. The forearm bones include the radius and ulna. Below are some of the more common types of wrist, hand and finger fractures, how they occur and the level of severity.
1.Bennett's Fracture of the Thumb
A Bennett fracture is a specific injury that occurs at the base of the thumb. A Bennett's fracture also involves the joint between the thumb and the wrist bones. Patients who sustain a Bennett fracture may need surgery to realign the bones and stabilize the joint.

Hand Fractures
Hand fractures are common injuries that can occur in any of the small bones of the hand. Most broken bones in the hand can be treated with a simple cast, however in some cases hand fractures may require surgery for proper treatment.

3. Wrist Fracture
A wrist fracture is a common orthopedic injury. Patients who sustain a broken wrist may be treated in a cast, or they may need surgery for the fracture.

4. Scaphoid (Navicular) Fracture
A Navicular fracture is caused by a fall or a direct blow to the wrist. This bone has an unusual blood supply which can cause healing problems.

5. Galeazzi Fracture
A Galeazzi fracture is a variant of a radius fracture of the forearm. In addition to the fracture of the radius, these patients also have an injury of the distal radio-ulnar joint of the wrist. Treatment of a Galeazzi fracture is with surgery to repair the radius fracture.

6. Boxer's Fracture
This fracture of the base of the small finger is commonly sustained by punching a wall or boxing without gloves.

Colles' Fracture
A Colles' fracture is a particular type of wrist fracture. This particular fracture type is quite common and is usually treated in a cast.

8. Finger Fractures
A broken finger is a common injury that can have serious consequences. Finger fractures require appropriate treatment to ensure that function of the hands and fingers is not limited after healing. Determining the appropriate treatment of a finger fracture requires evaluation by a medical provider familiar with different types of finger fractures.

9. Tuft Fracture
A tuft fracture is a break of any of the distal phalanges.

10. Mallet Fractures
A fracture in which the dorsal base of a distal phalanx of the hand or foot is torn away. The fracture disrupts the associated extensor apparatus and causes dropped flexion of the distal segment.

11. Metacarpal Fractures
Metacarpal fractures are common. They account for up to 50 percent of all hand fractures. Fractures of the metacarpal shaft are usually the result of direct or indirect trauma, but fatigue fractures can occur in athletes or as occupational injuries due to repetitive stress.
Common Causes of Hand-Wrist-Finger Injuries
The Mayo Clinic indicates that the most common causes of Hand & Wrist fractures are the following traumatic events that include a direct blow or crushing injury to your hands, wrists or fingers and other common accident related causes as follows:
1. Falls
Falling onto an outstretched hand is one of the most common causes of a broken wrist or broken hand.

2. Sports Injuries
Many wrist or hand fractures occur during contact sports or sports in which you might fall onto an outstretched hand such as in-line skating or snowboarding. Finger fractures are common with baseball, basketball and football.

3. Motor Vehicle Crashes
High-velocity injuries that can occur during motor vehicle crashes may cause wrist or hand bones to fracture into many pieces, requiring surgical repair.

4. Construction Accidents
Often times, finger, wrist and hand fractures will occur in a construction environment as power tools, hammers and other heavy machinery is utilized. Often times, construction accidents will cause some of the worst finger, hand and wrist injuries which will often require surgical intervention to attempt to repair. If surgery is require, it is not uncommon for pins, screws and plates to be installed to stabilize the accident victim’s joints.
Wrist Fracture Verdicts and Settlements
The average settlement/verdict in Los Angeles County is $105,000. Fresno County is less than half that: $50,000. The average settlement/verdict in a wrist fracture case in California is $52,583 over the last 22 years.
Finger and Hand Injuries: Average Settlement/Verdict
According to a Jury Verdict Research study released recently, the average jury award for finger and hand injuries is $629,382. This data for fractures, crush injuries, and nerve damage to fingers and hands is based on a review of jury verdicts in the United States over the last 10 years.

This average finger and hand injury verdict is a little bit misleading because the verdict included a $20,000,000 verdict and other verdicts which completely distort the average verdict. The median verdict for hand and finger lawsuit verdicts, which, by definition, eliminates both high verdicts and the low verdicts, was $73,250.

About a third of these injuries were sustained in car, truck and motorcycle accidents.

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