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Knee Injury Settlements and Verdicts
According to California Jury Verdict and Settlement Research conducted over the last ten years, the average verdict in a serious knee injury case is 359,149. The median knee injury verdict is $114,299. Eight percent of verdicts were over $1,000,000.

How do you define serious? A serious knee injury is usually defined as a knee dislocation, fractures, replacements, and aggravation of a preexisting knee injury. The most difficult of these to understand is called aggravation of a preexisting knee injury. This is more subjective and difficult to understand. These depend on what type of pre-existing injury was present and how bad the previous injury has been aggravated as a result of the subsequent trauma.

Half of the knee injury cases factored into this research are car accident lawsuits and the other half include every personal injury case under the sun. So it is hard to extract much meaning from this average serious knee injury verdict. But there are a lot of numbers in the report that break it down a little further.

The research does not provide the average accident knee injury verdict in car accident cases. The average verdict always gets you more excited. But the median is probably more illustrative anyway. The median knee injury verdict in a car accident case is $94,406. More interesting is the middle 50% - the 25th to the 75th percentile - ranges from $26,255-$216,726.
Here are some more knee injury verdict statistics of interest:
Intersection Collision Accidents have a median of $70,748. The middle 50% range is $28,250-$237,500.

Pedestrian Accidents have a median of $150,000. The middle 50% range is $80,071-$240,000.

Turning Collision Car Accidents have a median of $90,203. The middle 50% range is $34,750-$192,038.

Motorcycle Accident Knee Injuries involve, as you would expect, more serious injuries. The median verdict is $191,884. The middle 50% range is $83,300-$287,500.

Keep in mind, this is a survey of plaintiffs' verdicts. The hard part in motorcycle accident cases is getting the verdict in the first place. It is amazing how many motorcycle accident lawsuits involve contested liability. Motorcycle cases get fought like World War III on liability in cases where the defendant's lawyer would stipulate to liability under the same facts if the plaintiff was driving a car. It never ceases to amaze me. But I'll admit there is a method to the madness: juries don't like motorcyclists.

Rear end accident knee injuries have a median verdict of $9,095. The middle 50% range is $1,624-$41,098. This makes sense. There are not a lot of serious knee injuries in rear-end car accidents. If you hurt your knee badly in the accident, chances are you have a more serious injury than just your knee.

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