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​What is the Difference between a Bulging Disc and a Herniated Disc?​
A bulging disc is a disc injury in which the presence of disc material goes beyond the normal margins around at least 50% of the disc's circumference. In contrast, a herniated disc is defined as displacement of disc material beyond the limits of the disc space that extends less than 50% around the circumference of the disc.

If it is a bulge instead of a herniated, it does not sound quite as bad. Obviously, insurance company defense lawyers and their adjusters try to exploit the difference between a herniated disc and bulging disc. A bulging disc may impinge nerve roots or the spinal cord more significantly than a herniated disc.
Settlement Value of Bulging Disc Case
The harsh reality is that bulging/protruding disc cases recover a lot less than a herniated disc case. For bulging/protruding discs, the average jury award nationally is $140,311 ($31,000 median). In contrast, the average jury award for herniated or ruptured discs was $413,917 ($60,000 median).

Sometimes, bulging disc cases are undervalued because the plaintiff's lawyer does not appreciate the science of these cases and does not retain appropriate experts to explain why a bulging or protruding disc can be just as painful if not more painful than a herniated disc.
Hiring a Lawyer for Your Disc Injury Case​
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